Troye Sivan Brings Blue Neighbourhood to Life at The Fillmore

Photography by Ruby Mora

Imagine going from making vlogs (video blogs) in your bedroom that document semi-daily happenings to going on a huge tour for your debut, full-length album and selling-out multiple venues on said tour. All of this is what singer/songwriter/actor/YouTuber Troye Sivan is living through, which included a sold-out show at The Fillmore Philadelphia Friday night with Los Angeles trio LANY as the fantastic opener.

Troye Sivan (LANY), Ruby Mora, The Fillmore Phila

LANY performs at The Fillmore Philly, Philadelphia, PA

The dedicated fans, who were decked out in Sivan merchandise that included: black beanies with Trxye (the title of Sivan’s 2014 EP) stitched on them, “Make America Gay Again” caps that were featured on Sivan’s recent music video for “Youth,” and Blue Neighbourhood tour shirts, sang along to tracks old and new as Sivan couldn’t seem to stop smiling throughout his high-energy performance. Sivan’s set list included songs, “Bite,” “Wild,” “Talk Me Down,” “Happy Little Pill,” and “Youth.” 

Troye Sivan, Ruby Mora, The Fillmore Phila

Troye Sivan performs at The Fillmore Philly, Philadelphia, PA


The brief moments in-between songs where Sivan accepted gifts from the crowd really showed a genuine and strong connection between him and his fanbase that stands out from others in the music industry. Reflecting on that, I realized that any of the fans in the crowd likely discovered Sivan through his YouTube channel and have seen him not only grow, but have seen him talk about his debut album and the complete disbelief of having that release, along with everything else that’s happened since then. The videos on Sivan’s channel show that he’s human and ever-grateful of the fans that not only gave him the opportunity to release Blue Neighbourhood, but to sing on stages of sold-out venues across the globe with the fans that got him there.

Check out photos from the inspiring night below. Were you at The Fillmore Friday night? What did you think of the performance? Let us know in the comments after the jump! 

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