Chad Kroeger of Nickelback Takes Gig as AC/DC Vocalist for Brian Johnson

Featured Image by Buda Mendes

Many speculations have been surfacing about the replacement of lead vocal Brian Johnson of AC/DC due to hearing difficulties. The one name that has been brought up is Axl Rose, front man of Guns N’ Roses.

This poses several issues, one of which being Guns N’ Roses also being on tour, and stamina may be an issue for these aging rockers. However, AC/DC came up with a solution: hire Chad Kroeger of Nickelback to act as guest vocalist for remainder of tour, including their stop in Philly tonight! Kroeger has youth, grunge, and classic Canadian swagger that will prove to be crucial assets on the world tour for the Aussie legends.

Photo by Nathan Denette

Photo by Nathan Denette

Check out Nickelback as they cover AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” five years ago below:

For more information, read AC/DC’s statement here.

Are YOU excited for Chad Kroeger to take over Brian Johnson’s place? Tell us what YOU think in the comments below about the decision!

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