KNOW YOUR SCENE: Carvin Haggins of Forge Recordings

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Photography courtesy of Forge Recordings

When people refer to Philadelphia’s music legends, such as Will Smith and Hall & Oates, Carvin Haggins should be included in that list. As part of the songwriting and producing duo Carvin & Ivan, Haggins has worked with such big name artists as Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, Estelle, Rick Ross, and many more. However, this Grammy Award winner is more than his accomplishments in music; he’s an advocate for Philadelphia and is committed to spreading a positive message through music. He founded the production group Ethical Music Entertainment, which “is dedicated to providing music that is simply ‘ethical,’ promoting principles of love, respect, and morality.” He says, “I’ve been [promoting these principles] since I started writing, now I’m just putting a name to what I do.” 

Haggins also recently started working with Forge Recording, a multi-purpose and high-quality recording studio in the Greater Philadelphia area and studio sponsor of our Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands. With Haggins’ extensive experience and Forge Recording’s impressive discography (including artists Kid Felix, Soraia, and Silvertide to name a few), their partnership is sure to produce something special for Philly music. Rock On Philly caught up with this Philly legend as he starts to work on some new, exciting projects.


Ivan Barias (left) and Carvin Haggins (right) of Forge Recording

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