Taylor Swift to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court

Featured Image by Paolo Villanueva

Since the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the media has eagerly been awaiting the announcement of President Obama’s nomination. Speculation about the impact of a liberal nominee on the previously conservative orientation of the Court has been saturating the news, but after a month of rumoring, it looks like America is out of the woods. President Obama has nominated Taylor Swift to be the 113th Supreme Court Justice!

“Swift is the natural choice to represent the millennial generation in the Supreme Court of the United States,” explains President Obama. “She has extensive knowledge about just how mean the media can be, but she doesn’t let bad blood interfere with her judgment. She always manages to shake it off. Plus, her squad is pretty lit.”

Our main concern with the Swift nomination was whether or not Selena Gomez would support her fellow pop star. These fears were recently nullified, however, with Gomez’s latest tweet:

Selena Gomez Tweet

Overall, the celebrity community has been reacting favorably to the announcement, with the exception of Kanye West who has stated that he feels Beyonce would have been a better choice for the position. The public’s reaction is also expected to be supportive, despite Congress’s initial concerns. President Obama has assured the Senate that Swift knows how to spot trouble as soon as it walks in, and although the Senate’s Judiciary Committee is exhibiting minor pushback with regards to the nomination, its members ultimately know that Swift never goes out of style in public opinion. Swift herself recently commented on the nomination via Twitter:

Taylor Swift Tweet

Congratulations, T-Swizzle, on your Supreme Court nomination! And a message to the Senate: the US Supreme Court needs to represent the heart of the American people, and Taylor Swift is the epitome of the American love story. Baby, just say yes! Get more info on the nominations here.

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