Android Apps to Download and Play Music that you Should Have

There once was a time in which we could only use phones for calling or texting but that’s no longer the case. Android smartphones are able to do so much now, with a variety of apps available to use. If you’re a music lover, and if you’re reading this blog then you probably are, then you’ll be happy to know that you can download and stream music with them.

Simply going onto the Play Store and typing in ‘music’ will give you thousands of these apps, so here are our top recommendations to look out for:

    1. Music Maniac – If you like to save songs for offline use – when you’re on the way to the next big event – and save battery power then this app will let you do just that. It has a range of songs, with everything from rock to classical, and they’re all super easily searchable. If you like to keep your favourite songs to use as ringtones or alarms, though don’t blame us if you start associating them with early mornings, then this app will let you do that too. Trim down songs and pick the parts that you want to wake up to with the app’s native music player.
    2. Spotify – This is probably the most famous streaming app and it works really well on a range of devices. If you’re a fan of mobile casino sites and want an app that performs brilliantly in the background while you get cash for singing up then be sure to use this one. We all enjoy a freebie so it’s fantastic that the basic plan for this service is free and if you want to upgrade to a better service then you can splash some cash.
    3. Ultra CopyLeft MP3 Downloader – This service is all about compiling your music library to your exacting specifications, which is what we love about it. For a free app it has a well-crafted user interface that we think makes it look like a paid one. Almost every part of your experience in this app can be tailored to be exactly the way that you want it. Sort by genre, list songs you might want to hear and choose where you save your songs, it’s all up to you.
      Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 1.09.26 PM
    4. RockMyRun – The iconic ‘Eye of the Tiger’ scene from Rocky is all about using music as an inspiration to train and succeed. With RockMyRun you can keep the good vibes flowing with music from all genres, though you might want to plump for something energetic to keep you moving. This isn’t just a streaming service though, it also tracks your activity and you can synch it in with other fitness apps. One really cool feature of this app is that you can track your blood pressure and the app will select a DJ channel to match your activity.
    5. Google Play Music – The official Google Play Store is also a great place to get your music, as it offers great quality albums at a low price. Check out sales to pay even less, even for high quality file types, or gift them to friends to get them into a new genre. It’s essentially a one stop shop to collect a virtual library of music, if you’re not opposed to paying for it.
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