The 1975 Illuminate The Skyline Stage

Photography by Ruby Mora

I’d be lying if i said that I’m not at least some sort of fan of the Manchester fellows that make up The 1975. This band has blown up over the past couple of years, especially with the release of their second studio album I Like it When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It back in February, and have been touring since the end of last year for it, which included a stop at The Fillmore Philadelphia back in December. They returned to our beloved city for another tour stop with The Japanese House and Wolf Alice, this time at the festival-like Skyline Stage at The Mann Center on May 15th.

The 1975|Ruby Mora|SKyline Stage (5.15.16)

Although the band wasn’t whole (drummer George Daniel hasn’t performed for a couple of weeks because of a shoulder injury), they still put on an amazing show. However, there was a moment near the beginning of the band’s set where lead singer Matty Healy stopped the show because a fan had fallen in the crowd. After he tells the middle of the crowd to take three steps back, he declared that “if someone falls, pick ’em up, give ’em a kiss, enjoy this together.” The fact that Healy willingly waited until it was safe in the crowd to continue performing with the rest of the band shows that, unlike some artists that have toured for a while, he cares for the safety and well-being of the fans.

The 1975|Ruby Mora|SKyline Stage (5.15.16)

The rest of the evening’s performance went on more smoothly and was ethereal, especially with the help of the trippy and luminescent LED towers spanning the stage, the iconic rectangles that appear on both the band’s album covers, and the kick-ass sampler of a set list that included songs from the new album like “UGH!,” “If I Believe You,” and “She’s American,” as well as tracks from the self-titled album and even some of their EPs Music for Cars and IV like “Menswear,” “Robbers,” “Girls,” and “Anobrain.” There was honestly not one soul that night that wasn’t dancing, but how could you resist it? The 1975 brought as much passion and heart to their performance as they likely did when making ILIWYS… and self-titled.

Were you at The Skyline Stage Sunday night? What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments after the jump, and check out photos from the show below! 

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