Mainland’s Spring Playlist

Mainland from New York is performing at The Foundry on Thursday as a part of NYLON-sponsored The Welcome Home Tour with Rooney. Mainland performed at the TLA in February and they’re ready for more Philly love.
Photo by CJ Moy

Photo by CJ Moy

The guys of Mainland picked their fave tunes and built a playlist to get us in the groove for Thursday’s show. Listen to the playlist if you want to get to know them a little better ahead of the show!
Bear Hands – “2AM”: Just saw the video for this track from the local Brooklyn favorites. It’s sublime nostalgia about getting old and your world around you changing so fast.

The Arcs – “Put A Flower in Your Pocket”: We listened to an interview on the “Song Exploder” podcast with Dan Auerbach about the song being a drug dealer’s memoirs and thought it was cool. We loved knowing the song was recorded completely live on broken organs etc.



DMA’s – “Delete”: Rarely do you come across a band like DMA’s searching not for the newest style but to strip back and focus on great songwriting. This song is beautiful in its lyrics and passion.

Melanie Martinez – “Dollhouse”: We just toured with this girl for two weeks.
She’s amazing. Listen to her whole album.

DREAMERS – “Drugs”: Our brothers in rock and roll just put out this jam. It’s always been a fav from their set, and is about to take over the radio waves. Get ready.

Tom Odell – “Wrong Crowd”: He’s largely unknown in America. But he went more in an electronic vein recently and the results are inspiring.

Kanye West – “No More Parties In LA”: Simply a banger.

Mike Snow – “Genghis Khan”: These are three of the most talented people in the music biz. Andrew Wyatt has such a stellar voice and this song is timeless in writing and production.

Get tickets to the show right here and don’t miss the chance to hang out with a night full of great music! Check out the interview with front man Jordan Topf here.

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