We Are Scientists’ New Album Helter Seltzer is Their Most Experimental Yet

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While We are Scientists have gradually transitioned from alternative rock tracks to synth-heavy anthems over the years, Helter Seltzer shows remarkable progression. The intricate mix of clean instrumentals, backing vocals, and synths makes for complex compositions. Each track radiates emotion and carries its own sound, yet all ten pieces fit together to produce a cohesive album.


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“Buckle” opens the album on a powerful note, with a pounding bassline and melancholy vocals. The unexpected guitar solo adds an element of surprise, while it’s distorted notes keep the piece in line with the track. This sets the stage for the rest of the album, with nested with unexpected instruments and sounds.

“Hold On” is particularly experimental, with overlapping synths and sound effects as well as multiple changes in tempo and composition. Swift guitar riffs counteract slow bass. Sporadic sound effects create changes in atmosphere. The bridge slows the tempo nearly to a pause and snaps back to the final chorus with an accumulation of all instrumentals throughout the song working together in harmony. The result is ordered chaos, with sudden changes holding attention while creating a satisfying final product.

“Classic Love” takes We Are Scientists back to their roots with a predominantly guitar and drum-heavy track. While the track stands out on the album, it emphasizes how much the group has advanced over the years, trading in a rather traditional sound for more sophisticated pieces.  

The album concludes with a passionate, synth-heavy farewell with the track “Forgiveness.” Ending on one of the best guitar solos of the album, the track halts suddenly and leaves a feeling of longing to match that present in the vocals. The track combines some of the best elements of the album to end with as much power as there was to start.

Helter Seltzer is a continuation of We Are Scientists’ journey to expand their sound and range of instrumentals. However, their progression is exceptional, reaching a new level of maturity and expression. Their tracks take on a new level of complexity and are executed impeccably. Helter Seltzer stands out both within the group’s discography as well as among recent album releases. Can’t get enough of We Are Scientists? Catch them live at Johnny Brenda’s on May 14th. Get tickets here.

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