Kung Fu Is the Real Funkin’ Deal

Sometimes, you’ve been off the grid and away from the live music scene for so long that you just need to jump back in, regardless of whether you even know any of the bands playing.  Well, when those times come, there’s only one place to for me, and hundreds of others in the Philly area, and that’s Ardmore Music Hall.  It seems that AMH is just one of those venues that gets the uber-talented, regardless of genre, and there’s always a good show and fun to be had.


Now, I like to admit when I’m wrong, but luckily, this isn’t one of those times.  While I had heard whispers of their greatness, I’ve come to report back to about some of the funkiest stuff in the land: Kung Fu.

Okay, honestly, I know who Kung Fu was.  I’d even seen them (sort of) a few times, but I was always busy on an assignment for another band.  So I was excited to finally get to devote my attention to them.

Well, this quintet is the real deal.  And if anyone knows the real, funky, deal, it’s the folks at Ardmore.  The venue seems to be the place to go for the funkiest and fusion..iest around.  Having played host to George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic, XPN’s Funky Friday, and funk/jam/prog staples like Greyboy Allstars, and members of Lettuce at their recent Live from the Lot, and of course, Turkuaz and the New Mastersounds.


I’m here to tell you, in case you didn’t know already and you’re as far behind as I am, that Kung Fu can play with the best of them.

Last week’s show was an early one, and frankly, Ardmore’s crowd is not used to having to show up at 8 pm to get their groove on.  Nonetheless, the crowd trickled in, and the quintet got the show rockin.

The band is made up of Tim Palmieri on guitar and vocals, Robert Somerville on sax and vocals, Beau Sasser on keys and vocals, Chris DeAngelis on bass and vocals, and Adrian Tramontano on drums, and they strike the perfect balance that funk requires: the balance between too tight that you lose the fun, and too loose that you forget where you’re going.  These guys nail it.  So if you’re looking for a band who can play in the background while you enjoy yourself, skip Kung Fu, and go see your daddy’s funk band.  Okay, unless your dad is in, like, a cool band or something.  But you get my point.


In case you missed the show, the band is gonna be in and around this area a lot this summer.  They play down below the Mason-Dixon line for the (sick) Merryland Music Fest late night show in Baltimore on July 9th.  Then they’re back in PA for back to back shows, July 22 and 23, at the Gathering at Chaffee’s Music Festival in Girard, PA, and at the Chamelon Club in Lancaster, PA.


That’s plenty of time to check them out in perfect atmospheres and venues.  So really, you have no excuse.

Check out a full photo gallery from their set last week at Ardmore below, and be sure to check out their latest studio album, Joyride, for a taste of what you’ll see when you catch them on stage, and of course, their tour page so you can see where you can see them on stage!

(Aren’t you proud of me for not making any martial arts puns?)

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