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The Matt O’Ree band celebrated the release of their new single, “My Everything is You” with a packed house at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on June 18, 2016.

Matt O’Ree sat down with Rock on Philly to discuss the show, newest single, and upcoming album.

As a New Jersey native artist, Matt O’Ree was excited to celebrate the occasion at such a landmark venue that he recently sold out. The Stone Pony has not only supported him throughout his 20-year-long career but is also the home to many of the musicians that have influenced or worked with O’Ree in the past.

The single, “My Everything is You” was written by O’Ree and cowritten and produced by Bon Jovi’s keyboardist, David Bryan. The recent trip the two took to Chicago’s Music Exchange to find Bryan a new Les Paul lead to the creation of the new single.

The song began with David Bryan who picked up a guitar and started playing an edgy riff that soon became the foundation for the new song.

“It’s always cool because sometimes somebody who hasn’t been playing that long has a different perspective than someone than has been playing for years and years. David came up with this really cool rift and we worked on it from there,” Matt O’Ree explained.


Most of the time O’Ree’s songs begin from a rift simply because of his roots as a guitar player. It makes sense that an accomplished guitar player would likely begin the songwriting process with guitar parts. Other times a catchphrase comes into his head and he starts the writing process from there.

The new album entitled Brotherhood, has been six years in the making and will feature the single that is already getting radio airplay. The release of the record is expected during the summer. The album will have a “combination sound of blues and rock with a 70’s vibe,” matching O’Ree’s background.

The album itself is revolved around the whole concept of brotherhood which cannot only be seen in the lyrics but in the way O’Ree speaks. The band has been supported by fans for over twenty years but all, young, old and new are welcomed into the one big family that is the Matt O’Ree Band.

During the single release show O’Ree addresses the crowd, “We always hope to see you at every show. We hope that you know that you’ll always have family with us.”

Many of the guest performers on the album are from New Jersey and have this ‘brotherhood’ bond that keeps them together. The list of guests will soon be revealed.

Matt O’Ree Band’s plans for the summer? Another single will be released, an album release show and a fall tour supporting the new record.

The live show itself is full of energy, excitement, and solid playing. Every member of the band is skilled players that are masters of their instruments. It wouldn’t be a Matt O’Ree Band show without O’Ree’s expertly crafted guitar soloing that is seen throughout the show.


Special guest David Bryan joined the band on stage and jammed singing, playing, and kicking out keyboard solos backed by the solid playing of O’Ree. The crowd loved the new single so much that is was played not once, but twice!

Dueling back and forth keyboardist of the O’Ree band, Eric Safka and David Bryan exchanged solo’s to end with a big finale.

Its best summed up by David Bryan: “New Jersey is the center of the world tonight.”

The live show is something that you would not want to miss. Be sure to catch the band on tour this fall.

The Matt O’Ree Band’s music is available to purchase on:


  1. Over
  2. Black Boots
  3. Saints Sinners
  4. I Don’t Dance
  5. Born Under Bad Sign
  6. Alibis
  7. Big Jenna
  8. Awkward Silence
  9. Good Enough
  10. Life
  11. Izabella
  12. Marry You
  13. Worth the Life
  14. Don’t Ask
  15. It’s Gonna Be Alright
  16. Wanted Dead or Alive
  17. My Everything is You
  18. R&R Hoochie Coo


1. Ten
2. Thirty Days in the Hole
3. My Everything Is You


Broken Glass
I’m a Man
Gotta Get better

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