Modern Baseball Comes Home

All Photography by Jim Trocchio

I remember seeing Modern Baseball at house shows on Drexel’s campus, look at them now. This past weekend Modern Baseball headlined over at The Fillmore in Philly.

This was my first time seeing Joyce Manor and to be completely honest, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy them that much. Boy was I mistaken, they completely blew me away. As soon as they entered the stage the crowd immediately pushed forward.

One of my favorite things musically is double vocals, and they didn’t only have two but they had three vocalist. One lead singer, and two backing vocals. Through many of their songs, hands swayed back and forth through the audience who were just really enjoying the music. They ended their set with “Constant Headache” where the crowd went wild and everyone sang along.


Modern Baseball was finally next! The anticipating was growing quick. Before entering the stage, a track off of Holy Ghost came on, shortly followed by the entire band coming on to the stage.

First thing out of Jake’s mouth was “What’s up Fam, we’re home,” you really just can’t get enough of the millennial lingo. They opened their set with their newest single “Wedding Singer,” where the crowd erupted into singing.

During “Rock Bottom,”  the infamous words of “Whatever Forever” are sung, and really what a magical moment. The white lights were lit, all of the music stopped, and all you hear is the crowd chanting those two very rememberable words. During the song Jake and Ian went shoulder to shoulder with smiles on their faces. It was a moment of just pure bliss for the both of them.

“Tears Over Beers” started and I don’t think the crowd stopped singing throughout the entire song. The crowd cheered after the song, and quickly after “The Weekend,” a single from their last album started. During the song Brendan sang in a super high voice “He’s so cute”. The audience seems to really enjoy little things like that and laughed while he performed.

Jake states “If you couldn’t tell were playing songs super fast and this is an old one!” and immediately goes into “Cooke” which is off their first record.


Not band related but more crowd related a guy comes through trying to get out of the crowd and goes “How’s everyone on the other side,” another guy shouts “I believe in you”. Not sure why this resonated with me so much, but it just made me really appreciate their fanbase and how kind and nice everyone really is.

During “Hiding” one brave soul raises their lighter, and slowly more and more join them in the movement. While playing “Going To Bed Now,” Jake sings along with the crowd “An ass hole with an iPhone” and Jake just gives the crowd a huge smile.

Brendan comes out singing “The Old Gospel Choir” on his acoustic guitar, as the audience follow suit. After the first verse the band enter to start playing and the crowd goes wild singing, loud enough where you can still hear the audience as well as the band.

Jake asks “Has anyone seen us play?” the crowd cheers, “Has anyone not,” crowd cheers once more. “Cool, at least by our standards.”

They play “Re-done,” “Charlie Black,” make jokes about how they’re memes. The entire band thanks everyone possible and they end the first part of their set with “Just Another Face”.

They come back once again for their encore and play “Pothole”. Then the song everyone was waiting for “Your Graduation”. The song wasn’t the normal “Your Graduation” though, no one from Modern Baseball was actually playing their instruments. Cam from Sorority Noise took Brendan’s guitar, Sean came out from the drums to sing his part of the song, to be replaced by the drummer of another band, someone came out and took Ian as well as Jake’s instruments too. By the end of the song at least Jake had an instrument to play once more, but the rest of them were just running around having the best time of their life.


They are officially able to say they played a large venue in their hometown. Modern Baseball officially has gone from basements to selling out large venues.

Were you at Modern Baseball Sunday night? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise checkout the gallery below!

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