Never Miss a Sunday Show: Michael Franti Spends Father’s Day at the Fillmore

All Photography by Michael Mauger

Never miss a Sunday show.

Sunday shows are for the devoted.  Sunday shows are for the true fans.  Sunday shows are where the band brings it.  You just never miss a Sunday show.

Michael Franti brought it on Sunday night.  Although, to be fair, he always brings it.  His positivity radiates from his messages and stories he tells between songs, to the actual content and lyrics of his music.  He’s there to lift you up, even on a Sunday, and especially on Father’s Day.


At the Fillmore on last Sunday night, Franti wasted no time connecting with his audience.  Just two songs into his set, Franti jumped off stage and posted up at a miniature stage in the middle of the audience.  Though at first, the crowd seemed to think it may be just a one-off sort of stunt, Franti seemingly played half the show from that stand point.  He’s a man of the people, afterall, and he seems to have his heart set on spreading his positivity to those around by being as close to them as possible.

One lucky fan had quite the experience.  Again, just two songs into the show, Franti gave a young fan a microphone to help him sing Sound of Sunshine, then brought the kid up on stage to finish out the entire song with him.  Luckily, the boy knew all the words, and sang along with confidence.


At age 50, Franti is no longer a spring chicken, but you’d never guess from his performance.  He runs and jumps around like he’s just starting out his career.  And perhaps that’s something every musician can take away from Franti.  A show is just better when the musician seems genuinely happy and blessed to be doing what he’s doing.

Especially on a Sunday.

Check out the full photo gallery from Franti’s show at the Fillmore on Sunday night, and don’t miss his latest album, SoulRocker!

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