Our Top 7 Moments from The Frendly Gathering

All Photography: Brittany Salerno

This post was made possible by Skype. 

There is no “i” in “frends.” That is an important lesson I learned this past weekend at the Frendly Gathering in Vermont. In my life thus far, I have been to countless music festivals but something set this one apart. Was it the idyllic setting? The impeccable music lineup? The “frendly” vibes? All of the above? I can’t put my finger on exactly why the Frendly Gathering was so magical but it was. Here are  our top 7 moments:

  1. Hearing Mariachi Flor del Toloache for the first time. These ladies seriously are the best thing since sliced bread. They even did Mariachi-infused Nirvana covers!

  2. Hanging out in the “Frendship” and rockin’ out to new bands in an intimate setting. I was even able to share the moment with my friend in Spain over Skype! Oh, technology. 🙂27333230104_68ee68668f_z
    3. Making my first flower crown with the help of a new “frend.” 27843841762_1bdfc930c0_z
    4. Groovin’ to Madaila! These guys know how to R-O-C-K.27868253031_a2c6bb7b10_z
    . Hanging out with Madaila’s dad! This festival is so homegrown and rootsy, everyone is like one big family. Where else could you meet the headlining band’s pops? 27332454293_773e6e12bd_z
    6. Supporting Philly music! Son Little KILLED it. Making our city proud. 27868214051_759e9c95fc_z
    7. Looking forward to next year! I’m already planning my trip. Sun, fun, nature and superb jams? There’s nowhere we’d rather be. 27843800322_7a2ef0636a_z
    What were your favorite moments from Frendly Gathering this year? Tell us in the comments below!


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