Radio 104.5 Birthday Show

All Photography by Brittany Salerno

This year Radio 104.5 not only had one but TWO birthday shows to celebrate the station’s 15th birthday. Night two of their Birthday Show was filled with talented after talented act.

Opening up the show was Andorra, who opened up strong with a thirty minute set. Since the last time they took the stage at last year’s birthday show, they have grown in stage presence as well as talent.


Next up was “America’s Sweetheart” Elle King!

King claims she only went through heartbreak once and will never let it happen again to her, while the crowd cheers.

She then leads into a cover of “Oh Darlin” by The Beatles, leading up by saying “I picked up a lot of bad habits here so it’s so nice for me to come back and show you what I’ve done with myself. Can I sing you my favorite song? During the cover she changes the lyrics to,  “oh Philly, please believe me. I’ll never let you down. Believe me when I tell you I’ll never do you no wrong.

Elle King

Wendy Rollins of 104.5 introduces the Violent Femmes. To her the Violent Femmes  have changed her life, and is so excited to have them there to celebrate.

Violent Femmes open with “Blister In The Sun”; they say they’re a polka band and gets everyone groovin to a femme style Polka jam.

Something that makes the Violet Femmes stand out is their abrupt and quick witted acoustics. It’s the signature Violent Femmes sound, and performing amongst the sold out crowd after years off, they still have it.

They tie their set together with b tracks and hits to remind the crowd what they’re all about including; “Add It Up” and “Gone Daddy Gone”.

The Violent Femmes

Next up was Cold War Kids performed an energetic set. At this point the crowd is filling in. Their single “Hang Me Out To Dry” seems to be the anthem that gets everyone going for the rest of the night.

To end their set they play “First” before exiting the stage.

Cold War Kids

When Silversun Pickups first entered the stage the initial audio problems which made things pretty awkward. All mics on stage went out but they fixed the issue and the band carried on like nothing had happened.

Their vocals unique and are even better live. They have such an intoxicating stage presence. The way each member of the band play off one another is mesmerizing.

Lead singer, Brian Aubert, is playful to the crowd while bassist, Nikki Monninger is modest in her stage presence.

The play a handful of their hits including; “Panic Switch”, “Lazy Eye”, and “Circadian Rhythm”.

The Lumineers

The Lumineers were up next, and this band is absolutely phenomenal live. Their entire presence makes you want to be on the lawn of the arena, dancing barefoot in good company.

They play all their hits including; “Ho Hey”, “Sleep On The Floor”, and their latest hit “Ophelia”, where the crowd sings somewhat like a stand in choir.

Florence and the Machine

Florence + The Machine was the headliner and she completely blew away the crowd. She has an absolute angelic presence. She tosses flowers to the first few rows upon her taking the smoke filled stage.

Her voice is vibrato like nothing else, yet so soft spoken when she speaks to the crowd. Throughout her set she continually thanks the fans.

She storms and rushes from one end of the stage to the other, seemingly floating with consistent high energy during the entire set.

Halfway through her set Flo holds up a rainbow flag and the crowd roars. She states, “Love is love! The love you have here with you , take that love out there with you. Because the world needs love… and the world needs your love!!” This leads into her song “You’ve Got The Love”
She played various hits from both Lungs and Ceremonials and latest album What Kind Of Man.

Were you at BB&T Pavilion Friday night? What did you think? Let us know in the comments and check out photos form the show below!


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