BRONCHO, Winter and Straw Hats Light Up Johnny Brenda’s

Thursday, June 23rd was quite a night indeed. The venue, Johnny Brenda’s, easily one of the best spots to see a band live in Philadelphia. The lineup, BRONCHO, Winter and Straw Hats. Needless to say, it was an incredible night.

The night began when punk trio Straw Hats took the stage. The band, composed of Robbie Grote and Braden Lawrence of local Indie Rock gods the Districts and bassist Breshon Martzall, blasted through a ferocious set of songs from their split with Tangiers and their March 2016 self titled EP. Self describing their sound as “the pasta no one wants”, Straw Hats manage to combine the anger and energy of punk with a carefree and comedic charm. Highlights included “Satellite”, “Dirty Old Pope” and “On the Box”. You can check out their Facebook page for all of their upcoming events, and you can stream their music here.

The second act of the night was the LA-based dream pop group Winter. With their blend of chorus drenched guitars and atmospheric vocals, Winter brought a chiller and dreamier vibe to the venue. Their set fit perfectly after Straw Hats because it gave the audience a chance to catch their breath and jam out to good music before BRONCHO.  Definitely check them out if you’re a fan of My Bloody Valentine and Lush. Their song “All The Things You Do” is a highly recommended listen. You can stream their music on Bandcamp here.

The final act of the night was the Oklahoma-based Indie rock quartet BRONCHO. BRONCHO are easily one of the coolest bands kicking around the Indie world today. With super catchy songs like “Try Me Out Sometime”, “Class Historian” and “Stay Loose”, one can’t help but jam out and have an amazing time at one of their shows. Their set began with a few songs off of their latest release, Double Vanity, including the psych rock banger “Fantasy Boys”. Singer Ryan Lindsey captivated the audience with his ethereal vocals, his trucker hat and his kimono while band members Nathan Price, Ben King and Penny Pitchlynn provided a dynamic and thunderous performance. What was incredibly cool about BRONCHO’s set was their ability to fluctuate between uptempo headbangers and slow chugging grooves. BRONCHO manage to keep alive what was cool about late 80s/early 90s college rock with their own, more modern approach.

At the end of BRONCHO’s set, I approached Ryan Lindsey to get a comment about the show. When asked what he thought of the show, and Philadelphia in general, he simply replied, “It’s very swampy here in Philly” with a smirk and a pointing gesture to the back of his trousers. And with that, I concluded that the show went very well from his point of view, because it certainly was great a great time for me and the large assorted members of the audience. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, do it.

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