Hey Mercedes Celebrates 15 Years

JANK opened up the show and if you haven’t heard of them yet please look them up now! They may be a Philly local now, but I promise you that won’t be for long. “Awkward Pop Songs” their debut EP, which was started as just a joke received over a 9 point rating on Pitchfork. That is most definitely a force to me reckoned with. The energy of them performing filled the room even though they didn’t play their single “Caitlyn,” I guess we can forgive them.


The first time I saw Prawn it was only a few months ago, even though they have been around for quite sometime. But since that first time, they have only become better and better. I don’t know why I was so late to the game with them but I’m so glad I’m making up for it now.


The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die or for short TWIABP, have left me speechless time and time again. Being completely honest this band is one of very few that have ever left me speechless. I’ve avoided writing about this band for years now because I know my words will never be able to do this band any type of justice. I will just have to tell you see this band… see this band live and it’ll change your entire world, I promise. On a more interesting note about their live performance, Katie, keyboardist for TWIABP wasn’t present at this show. This is the first time that I had seen TWIABP without them. I was still left speechless but the dynamic did slightly change, their voice has a definite calmness to it which was now left out. I think of them more of an instrumental band so to hear more of Dave’s vocals was a definite surprise. Nonetheless it was an interesting performance another one I will never forget.


I now understand where a lot of the bands I currently listen to get their inspiration, 15 years since their first full length Everynight Fire Works, and to hear that live, was a unique experience. Since 15 years ago I was only nine years old, I was more into NSYNC than I was any type of “alternative music”. As a 24 year old I more than appreciate being able to see this inspirational band. Even though I may have been one of the youngest people in the crowd (besides the fans who were there to see JANK and Prawn) I had more of an understanding on what this band had done for the scene. Once they start playing “A Frown Of A Lifetime” I looked around but I didn’t see many people singing. What I do see is a crowd of people staring at this band, letting it all sink in, nodding their heads, and tapping their fingers to every beat that’s played. I’m so used to seeing kids absolutely freak out when the headliner comes on, and to see people have such a calming experience was definitely odd for me. Midway through the set, during “Our Weekend Starts On Monday” things started to pick up people started to chime in and sing along. Sort of like the shock and awe wore off and now they want to play. I know it may just be my age but I never heard about this band until I was older, and I was SUPER late in listening to them, but I’m honored to have seen this band live. I greatly appreciate the music they play and the dedication from all their fans. I would love to see them make new music but who knows what the future will hold.


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