Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes Makes a Playlist

Featured Image Courtesy of Artist Facebook

Americana Band, Dawes will be playing tomorrow at the Electric Factory. No stranger to WXPN, Dawes has taken over Philadelphia in every positive way. We had the chance to sit down with Taylor Goldsmith, member of Dawes to create a small playlist for you to listen to.

Worried About You by The Rolling Stones

Only The Stones can make you feel like they’re making up their incredible songs as they record them.

Everyday I Write The Book by Elvis Costello
 I feel like the drummer and the bassist lining up the kick/bass pattern would take any other band months to wrap their heads around, while in their case I’m sure it was just one or two takes.

Refuge Of The Roads by Joni Mitchell
Favorite Joni song from my favorite Joni record. Jaco’s bass playing is heartbreaking to me.

Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan (off the album Hard Rain)
 A band possessed.

Private Investigations by Dire Straits
 I think this was the single off of this record. And he speaks the whole thing instead of singing it.

Austin by Matthew Logan Vasquez

It’s almost 18 minutes but it doesn’t feel like it. It hypnotizes you.

Chandelier by Sia
 I really love that bizarre melody in the chorus

Gaucho by Steely Dan
 Lyrics like these can’t be found in other songs anywhere.

Small Plane by Bill Callahan
 I think he’s my favorite singer. I could listen to him sing (or talk about anything). And his likening a relationship to flying a small plane with all his little anecdotes to reinforce the metaphor is so perfect.

From This Day On (Bonus Track) by Phantom Planet
 One of the great songwriters in one of the great bands that people don’t know enough about.

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