What Is SADfest?

Rock On Philly is super excited to announce that we will be covering the entire SADfest festival out in Hammonton NJ on July 30 and July 31. Last year SADfest debuted their festival for the purpose of creating awareness of suicide, addiction, and depression, and to support the people who need it.

Mental health is more important than ever before, it takes too many lives from young people. The awareness of mental health will keep more people alive and healthy. No one should be ashamed or afraid to get help, and no person should be afraid to say something if they think a friend needs help.

SADfest may be a small festival (for now) but the importance of this festival is much bigger than just a local event.

Here are a couple organizations that will be at SADfest supporting the event Serenity House & The Randy Scarborough House and A.I.R. Attitudes In Reverse – Student Suicide Prevention – Mental Health.

You can find all the bands playing in the flyer below.


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