Zella Day Talks Music, Accomplishments, and Ice Cream

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Though she may only be 21 years old, Zella Day has a sound (and a workload) beyond her years. Her music blends Southwestern-tinged pop with a free spirited, 60’s style vibe. As if a music career wasn’t enough to handle on it’s own, she also dips into the realms of feminism and fashion through her Headstrong Mama campaign and her upcoming clothing line. Before her show at The Foundry this Friday, July 8, Zella talked with Rock On Philly to discuss her music, her current tour, and what she hopes to do in Philly this week.

Rock On Philly: You’ve previously described your sound as “organic-pop-rock-psychedelic-Western”. Of all those descriptors, which one do you think is the most important to understanding your sound?

Zella Day: The word “organic” best suits my music. It is cultivated and executed organically with real instruments to back it up.

ROP: You’re known for your visual writing style in addition to your unique sound. What comes first to you when you’re in the studio: lyrics or music?

ZD: Every song is unique in its birth. I am equally inspired by a chord progression as I am a title of a song.

ROP: You were born and raised in a very small town (Pinetop, AZ, population: 7,000) before you made the big move to Los Angeles to further your career. What was the biggest adjustment you had to make as you went from such a remote area to the second largest city in the country?

ZD: Learning how to drive a stick shift on the 405.

ROP: Your current tour is taking you all over North America, where you’re headlining clubs and playing some major festivals. Which do you prefer: an intimate club performance, or the festival stage?

ZD: Because it’s summer, all I want to do is be outside and play a set in the sunshine. When the fall rolls around I’ll be feeling right at home in an intimate club.

ROP: Though you’re a relatively young artist, the past few years of your career have seen many successes: your debut EP charted on Billboard, your song “Sacrifice” was featured on the Divergent soundtrack along with acts like Imagine Dragons and Haim, and you had a spot on Coachella’s lineup this year. If you could pick one word to describe what it’s like having so many successes so early in your career, what would it be?

ZD: Intoxicating.

ROP: What are you most looking forward to exploring during your time in Philadelphia?

ZD: Franklin Fountain for an old fashioned sundae.

Make sure to grab tickets to her upcoming show at The Foundry at The Fillmore on July 8th!

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