August Artist Of The Month: Stay At Home Dad

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All interview questions done by Nikki Tardiff

Check out RockOnPhilly’s Artist of the Month for August, Stay At Home Dad. This up-and-coming female fronted punk band has a unique sound that will make you keep on listening. Here’s their ROP interview where we talk about their new EP, the future and the Philly DIY scene.

ROP: Stay At Home Dad is a relatively new band. For those who haven’t heard you yet, can you tell us a bit about your sound and how you formed?

Marcos Sanchez (drums): We started as a power punk trio. The band was originally called Sputnik with (myself) Marcos Sanchez on drums, Susy Sanchez on vocals and Benjamin Gress on guitar. We played a few shows and changed our name to Stay At Home Dad once we got a better idea on the sound we were looking for. Nothing really took off for the first few years. We went through a short hiatus when Ben left for Germany to study abroad. After he came back he befriended our now lead guitar player, Angus Jabbour. The edition of a jazz guitarist added a completely new texture to the band. Then a bass player was found in John Charlton. One of Angus’ friends and one very metal bass player. Our sound has been described as many things, it’s hard to put a name to it.

ROP: You seem to embrace the “punk” label/genre pretty heavily. Who are some of your influences?

MS: Our influences range from the talking heads, Bruce Springsteen, Gojira, rancid, the list goes on. Each member brings a different style and influence to the band. We all found a middle ground behind all of our tastes with punk music and culture. It makes for an interesting sound.

ROP: What do you feel is the biggest adjustment Stay At Home Dad has to make between recording in studio versus performing live?

MS: The biggest adjustment for us is the intensity that we bring to our live performances. When you’re working in the studio, you don’t want to go all in on the snare, blowing out the mic and breaking guitar strings. The recording process is a little more delicate as compared to performances. We like to lay it all out on the table at every show we play. We go into every show with the intent of leaving the crowd with a performance they will remember.

ROP: What’s been your favorite venue to play so far? Are there any Philly venues you’d like to play in someday?

MS: We love to play at two DIY venues, The Stoop and Pilam. Our guitar player Ben Gress is involved with the Pilam shows and our drummer and vocalist, Marcos and susy, run The Stoop from the suburbs of Philadelphia with the help of Kacia Gonzalez.

ROP: Stay At Home Dad is pretty involved in Philly’s huge DIY scene. What would you say is the best part of having such a strong network of DIY artists and venues in the city?

MS: The best part of having such a strong network is the amount of awesome people that you meet. We have met hundreds of great people and musicians in the last year alone. You never have to look far to play a show.

ROP: You released an EP this May. Do you have any more projects in the works for this year?

MS: We are currently writing for our second EP and hoping to get back into the studio by the winter. For now we are trying to promote our first EP and spread our sound as far as our cars can take us.

ROP: What direction would you like to see Stay At Home Dad take in the long term?

MS: We would like to see Stay At Home Dad on tour and in the studio as much as possible. We haven’t talked much about working towards a label or record deal. For now we just want to play music in the Philly scene that we love and have come to grow a part of.

Check out Stay At Home Dad on BandcampFacebook and Instagram to hear future show announcements and releases.

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