Ceramic Animal Party like it’s ‘96 on New Single “Daydreams via Memories”

Featured image courtesy of Sarah McKenna-Mill

Review by Dan Cousart

Psych Rockers Ceramic Animal are back at it again with a brand new song and music video! One of the better, up-and-coming acts in Philly, the Doylestown natives follow up their recent music video for “Maybe” with the bright, playful new track “Daydreams Via Memories.” The song draws from a variety of influences from the past and the present, featuring a pitch-shifting intro and a dance beat that’s sure to make you boogie. Singer Warren Regan sings of someone who played with his heart while keyboard player Elliott Regan, bassist Walker Gall and drummer Eric Regan lay down a steady groove.

The song is also an interesting pairing with the video, which features footage from the 1996 Democratic National Convention. I’m sure that people would still be doing the macarena if “Daydreams” was playing though those loud speakers instead. Those of us who enjoy a good 90’s throwback will be treated to perms, big glasses and fanny packs throughout the video, providing some much needed comedic relief during what has been a tenuous election to say the least. 

Check the video below and make sure to catch them at Milkboy Philly on 8/13 with Foxtrot & The Get Down for Milkboy’s 5th Anniversary show. You can get tickets by following the link here.

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