Philly’s Field Mouse Celebrate Record Release With Intimate South Philly Show

Featured image courtesy of Topshelf Records

Field Mouse packed the stage at Boot & Saddle last Thursday night, as the indie rock five-piece celebrated the release of their brand-new album Episodic, out now via Topshelf Records. The immensely talented band brought emotion, heart, and humor to the stage in their hometown of Philadelphia. (Admittedly, only half of the band lives in Philly, but that’s more than enough for us.) Guitarist and lead singer Rachel Browne bantered with the band and the audience throughout Field Mouse’s set, joking about show preparedness and how much of her lipstick had gone rogue. For the record, none had.

The crowd was largely comprised of local friends and fans, adding positive vibes to the band’s already glowing set. As the audience pressed closer to the stage, their excitement was palpable. The band’s stunning guitar work (and bass, and keyboard, and drums), combined with Rachel’s dreamy vocals, leaves the impression that Field Mouse are going to be big, and soon.

The band’s songs are alternately delicate and thrashing, emotive and intense. Live, they work together, playing off of one another and allowing Rachel to shine as the frontwoman. They’re awesome, and charming, and Philly is fortunate to call at least two of them hometown heroes. The headliners were supported by opening acts Missing Earth in their first official appearance as a three-piece, as well as Swanning, led by Cynthia Schemmer of fellow Philly group Radiator Hospital.

Field Mouse will also appear at Rough Trade NYC in Brooklyn. Episodic was released on 8/4, and is available from Topshelf Records. Listen to Field Mouse on Bandcamp.

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