Johnny Popcorn Carry the Torch on New Single “Coming Home”

Featured Image via Corrine McAndrews

Last week, Philly’s Johnny Popcorn premiered their raucous new track “Coming Home” on AFROPUNK, the second single from their upcoming record Totem Pole (out 9/30 via MAD Dragon Records.

Johnny Popcorn are “still running” on their new single “Coming Home”. The Philly-based quintet bring elements of Rock, Pop and Soul to their performance, and their new single radiates determination and tension.  Fronted by singer Hezekiah, the lyrics focus  someone who still has work to do and is driven to get it done while bassist Freshie and drummer Clayton Crothers lay down a steady, pulsing vamp. Guitarist Lloyd Alexander’s driving guitar riff brings out the chorus and fills in the spaces left in the verses. Philly Punk legend Chuck Treece (formerly of McRad) also sat in as producer for the track.

This single is quite a different style than their previous single “Go Go Go!”, which featured a more minimal, rock approach compared to the hip-hop inspired beat and rhythms of “Coming Home”. It showcases Johnny Popcorn’s already well-established ability to pick and choose a variety of musical elements from various genres without losing focus or potency. One thing’s for sure, Totem Pole is already establishing itself as a fearless, trendsetting record that’s sure to make quite a bit of noise. 

Johnny Popcorn will be playing at Bourbon and Branch on 9/4. Click here for tickets. “Coming Home” is the second single off of their upcoming release “Totem Pole”. You can pre-order the LP from iTunes now!

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