Michael Fiorentino from Somos talk new music and tour

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Somos, a melodic punk band from Boston, MA is heading out on their first headline tour. We had the chance to sit down with Michael Fiorentino, vocals and bass of Somos to talk new music, tour and their album First Day Back. Somos is coming back to Philadelphia on 8/25 at The Foundry at The Fillmore. You can still purchase tickets here.

SD: How does it feel to be on your first headliner tour?

Michael Fiorentino (vocals, bass): It feels great. We’ve had the luck to support some incredible bands the past two years, from Modern Baseball to Tigers Jaw and I Am The Avalanche. We learned a lot on those tours, and it’s feels good to take those lessons and experiences and hit the road as headliners.

SD: These new songs, will they be apart of a new album, EP, or split?

MF: We recorded two songs in late July with Brett Romnes, who was a real pleasure to work with. We put them on a cassette that is only available on this tour.

SD: You’re playing both Riot Fest Denver and Chicago- are you excited?

MF: Yes, very. We played it for the first time two years ago, and it was an amazing experience. I am personally a big Morrissey fan, and I can’t wait to see him for the first time.

SD: Your most recent album “First Day Back” is not even a year old, how have people been reacting to the new album?

MF: Overall, the reaction has been positive. We’ve seen a good response live, especially to the more upbeat songs like “Thorn in the Side.” We experimented a bit with some electronic elements, and I think that was polarizing for some of our fans. Overall, we feel very proud of the album and I think it represents a step in the right direction.

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