Mirror Eyes Talk Warped Tour, Gigs and Music

Mirror Eyes are quickly taking the Warped Tour scene by storm, sounding similar to PVRIS but still they have a unique sound of their own. Bringing female empowerment up to the forefront and getting amazing gigs like opening up for Cute Is What We Aim For in New York. Mirror Eyes is one band you do not want to sleep on. We got the chance to sit down with Brandon from Mirror Eyes to talk warped tour, music, and upcoming shows.


Shana Davidson: You’re coming out with a new album soon “Solace”, what was the recording process like?


Brandon Goldenbaum: We recorded “Solace” with Brian “Bone” Thorburn at Threshold Studios in Indianapolis. The man is a genius and has influenced these songs greatly. We pretty much locked ourselves in there every weekend and came up with something we could be really proud of!


SD: In the making of your new album, what was the writing process like, both lyrically and musically?


BG: Jess handled the lyrical aspect for sure. The cool thing about her writing is that she could be singing about something that happened in her life, but when you listen to it, you can completely relate to it based off of something different that happened in your life. We try to write to a broad audience and bring them together. Musically we have people from four different musical backgrounds in this band so the end result is one that is completely different in this generation of music.


SD: That’s really awesome, I always find the lyrical/musical process so interesting. You recently put up a video for “Hold Your Breath”, how has your fans been reacting to the new music?


BG: The Hold Your Breath video has received such an insane reception. We’re almost at 11 thousand views right now and that is mind blowing to me. We can’t wait to release more!
SD: Wow! In such a short amount of time, that’s insane. You had the chance to play Main Stage at Warped Tour this year, how was that experience?


BG: Ernie Ball has given us the Warped tour experience two years in a row and we couldn’t be more appreciative. It’s such a good time playing for complete strangers and getting such a warm reception as if we were on that stage for the whole tour. You make so many new friends at Warped and we really hope to be back next year!


SD: You were announced to play the Cute Is What We Aim For show, have you always been a fan of CIWWAF?


BG: Webster Hall is one of my favorite places to play. So when we were booked for CIWWAF I freaked out a bit. Add in the nostalgia of playing with Cute, (everyone knows the lyrics to Curse of Curves) and it’s just gonna be an awesome show!


SD: What does being on a show like this mean to you?


BG: Playing this show means I get to bring Mirror Eyes to all of my friends and family in the Tri State area and do so in a packed Webster Hall. I get to have them see how far I’ve come and how their support pushed me to these heights.


SD: Mirror Eyes not only is female fronted but also has a female drummer, do you think that makes you different than other bands in the scene?


BG: Female rockers are too few in this industry. Having two of the most talented ones out there is incredible and it’s so widely appreciated by this generation. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve shown our music video to someone and the first thing they say is, “a female singer and drummer? That’s f******* awesome!”


SD: I absolutely love that we definitely need more female rockers. Who are some of your influences, both personally and band wise?


BG: My personal influences range greatly. From Silverstein to Pantera, to Europe and Iron Maiden. My dad essentially raised me like the 80’s never ended. As for the rest of the band, everyone has different influences that you’d think would never mesh well. Surprisingly it does and it’s only gonna get better!


SD: Do you have any upcoming tours/shows that you’re allowed to discuss?


BG: We have a few upcoming shows. We play Spinelli’s in Louisville, KY 8/12 along with The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis on 8/18. Plus the NYC show on 9/14 with Cute is What We Aim For at Webster Hall. There is a lot more in the works and behind the curtain but that will all be revealed soon 😉


SD: We hope you can play Philly super soon! Where can people find your music and check you guys out?


BG: You can find us on all social media platforms and on iTunes, Spotify, and ReverbNation. Facebook.com/mirroreyesmusicYoutube.com/mirroreyesmusic. Our twitter handle is also Mirroreyesmusic

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