Pines Talks SADfest and New Music

Pines is an up-and-coming alternative emo band from New Jersey. They recently played SADfest and we had the chance to sit down and talk with them. We discussed what SADfest meant to them, and new music that will be coming soon! Make sure to check out Pines and the interview below.

Shana Davidson: You mentioned you were creating a live video at SADfest, how did that go?

Joe McGarvey: Yea! I think it went really really well. We haven’t seen the footage yet, but I think it was one of the most crowd involved shows we’ve played ever, so that’s always super cool, a lot of people were stoked.

SD: (I Think) Things Will Get Better is a over a year old, is there new music in the works?

JM: Yes there is definitely new music in the works. We recorded three songs back in March with Ace Enders (The Early November) and we are going back in September to finish it up with Ace and Nik from Man Overboard at their new studio the lumberyard.

SD: That’s awesome! Two very talented people to work with. So we’re here at SADfest, what does SADfest mean to you? How important do you think a festival like this is?

JM: SADfest means a lot to us as a band and as people. In particular, I lost my cousin to heroin this past spring. Steve, lost his cousin to suicide three years ago. We’ve all experienced a lot of struggles witnessing addiction, depression, and suicide play out in our families. If it wasn’t for music I don’t know where we would be. Even though this festival is still in its early years I am confident that something like this will be around for years. It’s something we hold very close to us. This is truly one of the most important things not just for us, but for anyone who struggles. It wasn’t until I started playing music that I was able to explain the mess in my head, so this is a perfect outlet for anyone to talk to someone. Everyone is like minded, so you’ll never feel alone. 

SD: If you could pick three bands that you sound like what would they be?

JM: Three bands that sound like us? (laughs) that’s tough…   Probably like Balance and Composure,  Brand new, Title fight

SD: I can definitely agree with those. What are three bands that inspire you?

JM: Three bands that inspire us as whole, that’s tough as well, Title Fight for sure, Brand New and probably Armor for Sleep. 

SD: Absolutely love Armor For Sleep. Do you have any other shows coming up? Where can people find your music?

JM: We possibly have a couple weekenders we have yet to announce. We have our music on Spotify, bandcamp and tidal. Social wise you can get updates about studio, shows, new musics and any new announcements on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at PinesNJ.

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