Pre-Made In America Interview With Porches

Featured photo by Jessica Lehrman

Porches aka Aaron Maine released his second studio album Pool in February through Domino Records. The album was recorded in his bedroom in New York. He will be performing a set at Made in America over Labor Day weekend in Philly and we got a few questions answered prior to his performance.

Rock On Philly: Your first date on the tour is Made in America. How will that set the tone for the rest of your tour dates?
Aaron Maine: Exciting to play new songs, wear new things, and put on a really special show.
ROP: Who are you looking forward to possibly seeing at Made in America?
ROP: What were the pros and cons of recording Pool in your apartment?
 AM: Being able to work on it whenever I wanted to was really good, but also was tricky to give yourself space from it when your studio is 10 ft away from you.
Photo from Domino Records

Photo from Domino Records

ROP: How do you tailor your tracks in performance for a large festival crowd vs a more intimate performance space?
AM: We usually play a similar set, though on larger stages I think the songs that are synth and drum machine heavy sound best because of the more powerful sound system.
Don’t miss Porches’ set at Made in America and keep an eye out on social media for his next dates in town. You can purchase tickets for Made in America here.

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