RFA Shares Their Summer Playlist

Featured Image courtesy of Adam Kargenian

It’s not much of a secret that we’re big fans of rising Philadelphia Rock quartet, RFA. Their latest EP, Something New From RFA, came out April of this year and has remained one of our favorite records. We asked members Dan Cousart, Christian Turzo, Brendan McHale, and Alec Powell to throw together a Summer playlist featuring some of their favorite songs! 

1.) “Freaking Out” by RFA

(All four) “Why the fuck not?”


2.) “Campus” by Vampire Weekend 

Dan – “Reminds me of freshman year. Perfect college record.”


3.) “Helpless” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 

Dan – “for the first Wednesday of classes”


4.)Let Her Go” by Mac DeMarco

Christian – “Smoothe and beautiful like autumn itself”


5.) “Making Breakfast” by Twin Peaks

Christian – “You can’t go to school without a good breakfast. Try some grits and tasties with maybe a few fried greenies in there too”


6.) “Golden Days” by Whitney 

Christian – “Double Cream with a side of frost”


7.) “San Francisco Street” by Sun Rai

Alec – “If I were a woman, this song would [CENSORED]


8.) “All That I Need” by Max Pope Alec 

“This song is everything you need in a pop song. Dope as fuck”


9.) “Paranoia Letters” by Futurebirds

Alec – “This song is best paired with a mellow indica . Couch lock yourself with some sticky shit and put this on”


10.) “Cheddar Lane” by Magic Potion

Brendan – “It has the warm and welcoming vibe of coming back to school with your friends”


11.) “Garden” by Hinds

Brendan – “This song just makes me feel like partying”


12.) “How Long Must I Wait” by Dr. Dog

Brendan – “cuz it fuckin gggrrrooovvveesss”


13.) “Milk” by Magic Potion

Dan – “This will probably be my alarm clock song for the first semester, in which case I’ll listen to the full song then prompt to turn it off and pass the fuck back out”


Rock On Philly is sponsoring a night of  art and live music at Rybrew Friday, September 2nd to celebrate First Friday! You can also catch their headlining set at Kung Fu Necktie Thursday September 8th! 

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