Surf Rock, Both Old and New, Heads to Philly this August

There’s no better soundtrack to summer than surf rock – and I’m not just talking about the Beach Boys. Surf rock old and new is heading to Philly this August.

Arkansas indie rock band Brother Moses is coming to Philly this Thursday, August 4th to The Pharmacy ahead of the release of their sophomore EP Legends on August 26th. They recently released the music video for their single “Crazy Eyes,” which is a great representation of the band’s knack for creating super sunny surf-­tinged indie-rock. The video also displays the band’s dark humor; take a look below.

Ahead of Thursday’s show, Rock on Philly had the chance to speak to member James Lockhart about the inspiration for the video and their new EP.

Rock on Philly: How does your sophomore EP Legends differ (or evolve) from your first studio effort, Thanks for All Your Patience

James Lockhart: On the first EP, Moses and I were just taking turns going into our studio space at our old house in Fayetteville and building on each other’s ideas, and while we’re both super proud of what we made, it just wasn’t at all like the band we are now. I think both of us grew as songwriters between the projects, but we also added John-Lewis and Matthew to the band, who both have such an incredible ear for melody, and I think you hear that all over this new record. And a huge part of how different this record sounds was our producer, Raymond Richards, and the way he encouraged us to put a lot of the energy we have at our live shows into the recordings.

ROP: Many of your songs are tinged with surf-rock influences. Considering you are from Arkansas, how did this sound first enter your aesthetic? 

JL: There was a lot of surf in the Fayetteville scene when we first started writing Brother Moses songs. There were two or three super solid local bands, and then we would get a pretty heavy amount of smaller touring acts coming through town at their shows, so we were exposed to a lot of that right when we started college. I’m not sure why it was there, but as soon as we saw it, we knew that was the kind of band we wanted to start.

ROP: I love the video for “Crazy Eyes”! Was it fun to make? How did you guys come up with the video concept? 

JL: It was a total blast. Our label hooked us up with a video director, Seth Graves, and he had the initial idea that we could all die in different ways. We thought that was hilarious, and we also don’t have a permanent drummer right now, and the song is about a dangerous woman, so the rest just kind of all fell into place. Huge shout out to Ashley, who played the girl in the video, she did a fantastic job. She’s in almost every scene of the video, so she had to be there for all 16 hours or so that it took us to make this. I definitely got to go take a nap after I got killed off.

Find tickets and more information about their show here

On Monday, August 22nd, Dick Dale, the “King of the Surf Guitar” who arguably created the genre back in the late 50’s, will be performing at the Ardmore Music Hall. Reaching 80 years old, Dale still brings an insane energy to his live shows. He served as co-designer to Leo Fender, the guitar and amplifier guru, and helped create and build the super-powered electronics and equipment that would revolutionize musical instruments in the 50’s and 60’s. Their partnership and efforts were responsible for performance volume growing from a mere 15 watts to over 180 watts, as well as the signature “wet” sound of the Fender Tank Reverb.

If his name still doesn’t ring a bell, you may remember his iconic song “Miserlou” that became the title track to the equally iconic Pulp Fiction film. Below is a video of Dale playing the song back in 1963 on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Tickets for Dick Dale’s show are only $30, and you must be at least 21 to attend. Find tickets and more information here

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