White Lung Roars Through Unforgettable Set At Boot & Saddle

Featured image courtesy of Rick Rodney

When White Lung comes to your town, see them. The four-piece, fronted by rocker and writer Mish Barber-Way, ripped through an unbelievable set at South Philly venue Boot & Saddle on Monday night. “Thanks for coming out on a Monday!” Mish cheered to the crowd, “Unless you’re jobless Philly people.” When the audience tittered politely, the singer doubled down with “Don’t be Portland! Have a job!” And then the show got underway.

Onstage, Mish has an unstoppable energy, belting and contorting and headbanging and absolutely commanding the 150-capacity room. The singer’s intense stare and bewitching hand motions captivated the audience as the band’s guitarist and bassist shredded through White Lung’s 2016 release Paradise. Hardly anyone whipped out a phone during their set—a rare feat today—choosing instead to bear witness to the band’s mesmerizing punk power through the use of their own eyes. While White Lung seem as if they belong on a bigger stage, the intimate Boot & Saddle show was a genuine treat for fans. In fact, halfway through the set, Mish paused to ask if anyone in the audience was a nurse. When the crowd hesitated, she laughed and insisted that she wouldn’t need them until the end of the show. One brave nurse volunteered, the singer signaled to them, and the band was back to roaring at full-energy.

Paradise, the album’s fourth release, is an absolutely killer punk-rock album. Guitar, bass, drums, and Mish are all White Lung need to create fierce, memorable songs like “Kiss Me When I Bleed” and the titular “Paradise.” When the band hung around outside of the venue before going on, barely anyone approached them to chat. They’re rockstars. They’re cool. And it’s unlikely Philly fans will get to be close enough to offer the band medical consultations again.

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