Artist Playlist: Sonnder’s Ryan Weidman Shares His Favorite Jams

Ryan Weidman of Sonnder center right (Featured image courtesy of Cami Liberty)

Sharing music is a time honored tradition, one that transcends time, place, and medium. Before millennials were sharing playlists on Soundcloud or Spotify, the were burning playlists to CD-Rs. Before CD-Rs, Gen-Xers were jamming on their walkmans to the mixtape they got from that special someone.

In this new series, we ask the exceptional artists around the Philly scene to share playlists featuring the music that they love. This week, frontman Ryan Weidman of the experimental indie rock band Sonnder sent us “11 jams” and explains what he loves about each track.

Scroll down for Ryan’s sensational playlist!


1. Anthony Green – From What I Understand

I’ve recently had the pleasure of becoming personally closer to Anthony. He was always a great inspiration to me growing up, so it has been amazing getting to connect more and more with him as a person. His new album “Pixie Queen” really touches on the duality of being in love and a relationship. “From What I Understand” really hits on the concept of how relationships don’t always uplift you, they sometimes can anchor you down in a negative way, a concept I have been reflecting upon myself.

2. Jimmy Eat World – Sure & Certain

Jimmy Eat World has always been one of my favorite bands. Their use of textures within the rock band setting are brilliant. I am really digging the more existential themes in the lyric of their new material especially this new single. Perfect soundtrack for the turning of the season.

3. From Indian Lakes – The Bad Parts

The concept of how a toxic relationship can slowly eat away at you until there is nothing left of you to give expect the bad parts of yourself, the parts you never intended anyone to see, especially yourself. Writing a song about this is such a brilliant idea to me. Unfortunately, a lot of us can relate. I wish I wrote it.

4. Ryan Adams – Out of The Woods (Taylor Swift Cover)

Ryan Adams is absolutely one of my favorite artists. His honesty in his music is very inspiring to me. His rendition of Tay’s 1989 album was fantastic. I feel like it really helped her lyrics shine, for Ryan took away all the pop glamour and created soundscapes that really aided the message. This especially shines on his take of “Out Of The Woods.” The sad yet uplifting sonorous string outro will make anyone reminisce about a relationship that struggled so dearly to stay alive.

5. Heat Thunder – My Medallion

Joe Montone is a close friend of mine. His music is so inspiring me, not just because we are close, but because the music is something I gravitate towards in message and soul, yet I would never come naturally to write myself. The lush use of string textures and close to heart lyrics throughout the fantastic new EP Phoenix are thought provoking. You feel like you are living an indie movie. Very rad.

6. Thrice – Window

I was super bummed when Thrice announced a hiatus 5 years ago. Their music is so vast and versatile. When their new album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” was announced, I was so stoked. I love their use of odd time signatures mixed with great groove rock. Window showcases their wizardry in these concepts.

7. Moving Mountains – Swing Set

I really connected with this band’s self titled record. The beauty of the opening song creates the perfect soundscape for Fall. Mitch, the bass player, has become a great friend over time. What a great dude!

8. Sucré – Hiding Out

Stacy Dupree’s voice is illuminating. This whole album is fantastic and has stayed in my regular rotation since its release a couple years ago!

9. Radiohead – True Love Waits

Radiohead will always be one of my favorite bands. So stoked that they finally gave this song a proper release with their new record “A Moon Shaped Pool.”

10. Blink-182 – Sober

It’s definitely not the blink-182 I grew up on, but it is fun. The chorus of this song is quite infectious.

11. Death Cab For Cutie – The Ghosts of Beverly Drive

This song haunts me…the vocal phrasing and delivery…the syncopated guitar part…the overal message of the song resonates within me very much compared to a lot of more recent Death Cab material.

What was your favorite pick from Ryan’s Playlist? Share your pick in the comment section below.

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