Artist To Watch: The Upbeat Power of TIOGA

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TIOGA only played their first show on September 16th, but they’ve already got us talking. The three-man-band from Philly is made up of Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Greg Adams, Guitarist Derrick Dieso, and Bassist/Keyboardist Austin Paragas, and together they make some pretty cool jams. The three friends kept us waiting for the band’s first big announcement through a series of suspenseful Facebook posts, hinting that something big was going to happen on September 5th.

Sure enough, the wait was worth it and on the 5th we found ourselves with the first two TIOGA singles.

TIOGA describes themselves as “indie and alternative with some funky trimmings,” the two songs, “Tigers” and “Dream Eaters” certainly live up to that description. Both songs exhibit loud and funky bass lines from Paragas, and crisp, bright guitar riffs. Pair this with Adams’ upbeat melodies and you’ve got the perfect components for songs that just makes you want to dance. Live, the band brings the same exuberance that’s shown in their recorded work. Their first show at Goldilocks Gallery left us ready for round two, and, therefore, we’re very excited for October 6th when TIOGA plays their second official show at The Dollhouse in Philly. You better get to the gig, because this is one band you don’t want to sleep on.

To follow them, You can like TIOGA on Facebook, or listen to the new singles on their bandcamp! Don’t forget to RSVP here to their upcoming show at The Dollhouse on October 6th!

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