Ceramic Animal Bring The Heat On Debut “The Cart”

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Ceramic Animal, a Psych-Rock quartet based in Doylestown, PA, self released their debut record The Cart on August 11. The band has been kicking around the Philly scene for the last year and a half and are looking to get people’s attention with this new eight track album. Combining elements of psychedelia and indie rock, Ceramic Animal are bridging the gap between classic and more modern sounds. Singer Chris Regan, Bassist Walker Gall, Drummer Eric Regan and Keyboardist Elliott Regan bring you through uptempo stomps like “Maybe”, chugging indie rock songs like “Edgy”, and tunes that focus on the groove like “Daydreams Via Memories”. The band have put out a strong debut and have the matching suits to back it up.

The Cart is only eight songs, but it is a great introduction to a band who will hopefully be around for a while. What makes The Cart a strong debut is that it has a variety of songs and a variety of styles. Upon the first listen, tracks like “Maybe” and “Mistakes” are obvious standouts, but, digging a little deeper into the record, one would find a track like “Tonight”. Though it might not necessarily be a single, it shows the group’s ability to use dynamics and take from the old in a new fashion with it’s undoubtful basis in the blues. “Mad”, meanwhile, has its base in surf rock with its percussive guitar and its uptempo rhythm.

Album art courtesy of the artist

Album art courtesy of the artist

Earlier this summer, we reviewed the group’s music videos for “Daydreams Via Memories” and “Maybe” which showed both the group’s animation and their humorous side. “Mistakes”, a personal favorite, is a clear highlight from the record that has the potential to open up some doors for the band in a commercial sense. It grooves, breaks down and leaves you jumping at the end of it. Some of the tracks that appear on the album, including “Mistakes”, have been previously released on soundcloud and YouTube, though this record is the group’s first to be available on streaming services.

The band have been playing a number of shows in support of their new record including  Milkboy’s 5th Anniversary Show and Musikfest in Bethlehem. They’re definitely one of the better up and coming live acts in the city, and it really is exciting to see them put out a full LP. The Cart is a great debut that covers a wide variety of sounds and moods. Ceramic Animal are certainly on to something, and we hope to hear more from them soon.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook for more info about their upcoming shows, and listen to The Cart, available on any streaming service.

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