Premiere: Swing Top Debut First Single “Passerby”

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Indie Rock band Swing Top make their debut on the Philadelphia music scene with their first single “Passerby”. Comprised of members Dom Coppa (vocals/keys), Evan McHugh (guitar/vocals), Kevin Folk (bass), and Charles Raffaelle (drums), they first entered the Philly music scene in various other bands such as Brosef Gordon-Levitt before moving on to form Swing Tops. After forming their new identity, the band spent months in the studio fine-tuning their sound before releasing their debut single.

The band’s Pop-Punk roots become apparent, but “Passerby” manages to separate itself from the band’s previous projects by focusing on melodicism and punchy dynamics. The song reads as a humble romantic confession that builds up on a quiet riff from McHugh before Coppa takes the lead with his leaping, Ezra Koenig-like yelp. Swing Top transition from soft-loud-soft between verses and the chorus keeps the listener engaged while keeping the song moving at a steady pace. “Passerby” is vulnerable but whimsical, an endearing combination that their contemporaries often lack.

Pop-Punk has seen the likes of Man Overboard and Circa Survive rise up from the Philadelphia music scene and, on “Passerby”, Swing Top have managed to develop a sound that is both endearing and separate from what came before it.

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