ScHoolboy Q Shuts Down Electric Factory

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Article written by Melissa Simpson
Schoolboy Q recently released his 4th studio album Blank Face. The album features popular singles such at “groovy Tony” and “THat Part” which features Kanye West. This past Thursday Schoolboy Q shut down the Electric Factory to a packed house. The opener, Joey Bada$$, of Pro Era, warmed up the crowd with a high energy appetizer. Early on in the night, an intense electricity could be felt throughout the venue.
At around 9:45 the stage was primed for Schoolboy Q to make his appearance. Pulsating mobile red and white lights were strategically placed across the stage. The crowd began chanting “Q, Q, Q, Q, Q”. The DJ took the vibe up a notch when he began playing popular turn-up songs by Schoolboy Q’s sometime collaborator, A$AP Ferg. The DJ then played classic tracks  from Schoolboy’s Top Dawg labelmates, Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar.
At 10 Pm sharp, Schoolboy Q arrived to the stage in a red and white tie dye hoodie. His typical scruffy hair and beard were shaved close and his signature bucket hat was nowhere in sight. Schoolboy Q opened with Gangsta. By the time Schoolboy Q began rapping the second verse, a hefty cloud of weed smoke blanketed the Electric Factory.
The crowd was high energy during the entirety of Schoolboy Q’s set. The audience was most responsive when Schoolboy Q performed older music from off of Oxymoron and Habits and Contradictions. Q noticed this and gave the crowd what they wanted, only performing a sprinkling of tracks from the 2016 release Blank Face.
In the middle of his set Schoolboy Q points out a fan in the audience who purchased a meet and greet package for $160 dollars. Before dedicating the next song, “Studio” to the fan.
“You could have had me for free,” Schoolboy Q said to the fan. “You could have had an autograph and a pic and I would have smoked something with you.”
During his performance of “Tookie Knows II” Schoolboy Q jumped into the audience and began crowd surfing. At one point he went under and both his security and entourage were forced to fish him out. Once Schoolboy resurfaced, instead of hopping back into the set, he walked off the stage in silence.  The short hiatus lasted for about five minutes. It was unclear whether or not Schoolboy Q would be returning to close out his show. When he did return to the stage, he gave no explanation as to why he left and immediately went into hit single “Man of the Year”.
Schoolboy Q saved the best for last, the crowd was itching for the song and they knew it was coming. Once the beat dropped to “That Part” the audience turned up to the umpteenth degree. Although Kanye West was not there to spit his verse, the audience was able to hold down the fort by rapping every word. Once his set was done, Schoolboy Q thanked the crowd profusely and exited stage left.
Schoolboy Q’s show at the Electric Factory was high energy from beginning to end. It was obvious that he and his fans have a very intimate relationship. It would be safe to assume that the audience was more than satisfied with the show.
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