Sexoffice Celebrates Album Release Party this Friday with Out of the Beardspace and Muscle Tough!

Featured image via Zach LoPresti

Get ready for a musical trifecta including some of Philly’s best bands all at one venue. This Friday, join Sexoffice, Out of the Beardspace, and Muscle Tough at the Hard Rock Café in Center City to celebrate the highly-anticipated album release of Sexoffice’s FEELISM. Check out this humorous video from Sexoffice about their new album:

All three bands explore spacey sounds and progressive veins, which makes for a very cohesive billing. It’s not much of a coincidence; some of the Out of the Beardspace members used to be Sexoffice before creating OOTB, including OOTB member Zach LoPresti. LoPresti spoke to Rock on Philly ahead of Friday’s show to explain some of this history.

Rock on Philly: How did the original Sexoffice band form?

Zach LoPresti: I met the two founding members (Nick Lauria and Eric Manganaro) of Sexoffice when I switched high schools in my junior year. With me on guitar, Nick on keys and Eric on bass, we needed to round out the lineup with a drummer, and second guitarist/vocalist. I looked immediately to my talented School of Rock buddies to find the right people. It took some time to settle in and changed throughout the years (2007-2010) but all members of Out of the Beardspace except Matt O’Neil were at one point in Sexoffice. The working lineup when the bands split was Nick Lauria, Jeremy & Kevin Savo, Ethan Feinstein and myself.

ROP: How did Sexoffice and Out of the Beardspace diverge into their current lineups?

ZP: Around 2010, a new musical project began taking form. Out of the Beardspace was the culmination of a large group of friends who wrote music together and separately and came together to achieve something new. The original Out of the Beardspace lineup included all current members plus Eric and Nick of Sexoffice, and Zack Smith who was in a band with Jeremy, Kevin and Ethan years prior.

This exciting, ambiguous, nine-headed giant needed to find itself. After a confusing year where the group would randomly perform as either Sexoffice or Out of the Beardspace, depending on what seemed appropriate for the gig, a split occurred. Eric Manganaro and Zack Smith had already left the picture. When the six long lasting Beardspace members all moved into a house together, Nick Lauria made the call to disassociate the two bands. Out of the Beardspace has continued since with myself, Jeremy and Kevin Savo, Ethan Feinstein, Sam Gutman, Matt O’Neil, and the recent addition of drummer Mike Mahoney. After some time, Nick Lauria reformed Sexoffice with new members and a new sound.

ROP: What can we expect from this triple bill?

ZP: Attendees can expect an exciting unique night of original, local music! The music is odd yet danceable, classic & soulful yet fresh…interesting & quirky yet catchy. You need to hear it to believe it. Sexoffice’s album is a long time coming and it will be a special show.

Support Philly’s amazing local music scene by heading to the Hard Rock this Friday for this ALL AGES show! These bands play at 21+ venues often, so take advantage of this opportunity! RSVP to their Facebook event to learn more about the show.

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