South By South Lawn: The White House’s Very Own Music Festival

Featured image courtesy of The White House

The White House has announced South By South Lawn, a music and arts festival that will take place on the White House’s front lawn on October 3, 2016. Last Thursday afternoon, President Obama announced that the White House will now be hosting a music festival on the white house lawn including film, art and contemporary music.

The minds behind South by Southwest are teaming up with the President to make something they hope will be quite special and unique. The President visited South By Southwest earlier this year and is hoping that this new festival will bring great creation and innovation to the streets of Washington D.C.

The festival is in coordination with the American Film Institute, South By Southwest and The President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities, and what also makes this festival interesting is that you can nominate your favorite artists who you believe are making a positive change in the world. Over 700 short films from students across the nation will also be featured. Head over to the White House’s website (here) to nominate who you think should go, and be sure to stay tuned for more news about South By South Lawn!

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