The GROWLERS’ Triumphant Return To Philly

The GROWLERS at Union Transfer Sept. 27th

 The Growlers of Southern California have been steadily releasing studio recordings since their formation in 2006 with a seductive and stoic sound that resonates with a steady mix of reverberating longing and warning with self examinations relatable to by the minds of many. Five albums, a few EP’s and some singles later the band who has grown to become the darlings of the indie world among fans around the globe is presently again touring the country in support of their first newly minted songs in a couple years.

On the back of this momentum, the boys returned to Philly Tuesday evening having made stops in town each of the past two years in support of 2014’s record Chinese Fountain. Basking in the radiance of their City Club Tour 2016 neon lights mixed with the glowing admiration of a completely packed crowd for the second autumn in a row at Union Transfer, The Growlers are back again in a big new way thanks to this Friday’s release of their new Julian Casablancas produced LP City Club, which will be released on his Cult Records imprint as well, the title track having been advanced much to the delight of the ears of eager fans.

The raw energy of the Philadelphia crowd and their feverish passion could be felt throughout the very full and generous set, as those in attendance fondly hung upon each lyric. Such shows have become common for these journeyman of the musical highway as they have steadily built a massive following on the back of consistent touring and performances before enthralled audiences with their medicine wagon show charm and enigmatic storytelling in tunes like “Feelin’ Good”, “Dogheart II” and “Naked Kids” along with crowd favorites such as “Someday”, “One Million Lovers” and “Graveyard’s Full”.

The group took the stage Tuesday night to navigate fearlessly through an exquisite set adorned in white suits and formal lounge attire. With their enchanting fusion of classic surf blended with electro folk punk and honkey tonk drawing from the old Bakersfield sound, it seems at times sounds as though an unknown back alley meeting once took place between The Ventures and Buck Owens, somehow birthing a band of kids from Dana Point, CA. This latest new journey forward in the progression of The Growlers sound has seen them take further steps in the direction that began with the maturing and refinement as heard on Chinese Fountain.

Casablancas remarked that, “The Growlers may be the most interesting band in the world, certainly one of the coolest. Not gypsy, nor goth, nor surfer, nor punk, yet somehow all of them.” The Strokes frontman is not alone in his captivation with the band as was clearly visible Tuesday night in the bristling energy of the rabid crowd hungry for their music- An evening of crowd surfing, stage dancing and mosh pits that may have provided the ideal tempest best symbolic of the unique and diverse qualities these men bring to the stage.

With the great success of The Growlers-born Beach Goth music festival (slated for it’s fifth installment at the October conclusion of the tour in Orange County) that will feature Bon Iver, Patti Smith, James Blake and Violent Femmes this year, the group soars in their recent explorations into new audible territory. Meanwhile the journey over the years from old vans to the tour bus or from the badlands to the city club has only helped to fuel the spreading of The Growlers popularity with intrigue comparable to a good urban legend over these last ten years, thankfully one that proves true to the delight of fans old and new.

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