Why Aren’t You Listening To: NOTS

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For the past five years, Nots have been making the snarling garage rock that all but fizzled out a little under half a century ago. The all female outfit from Memphis takes a page from the proto-punk, psychedelic, and no wave acts of the late 60’s/early 70’s to forge a sound that’s unheard of from contemporary acts today. Chaotic and aggressive, Nots’ lo-fi production and nihilistic composition sounds sounds completely out of place in a music landscape where anyone can buy production software to polish up their sound.  

With their newly-released second album, Cosmetic, Nots applies this approach to the everyday situations Americans have dealt with as of late. Vocalist and lyricist Natalie Hoffmann spent Nots’ strenuous tour schedule constantly writing her reactions to life in general, in addition to the continuous stream of election news coverage. With this, much of Cosmetic deals with the idea of appearance versus reality and existentialism, and attacks these theme in concise, incendiary bursts; the best example of this occurring on Cosmetic’s closing track, “Entertain Me”.

Cosmetic isn’t catchy in the traditional sense (for that, turn to Nots’ debut album We Are Nots), but the structure of the songs is simple and easy to digest. Monotone delivery and grungy guitars are Nots’ key formula, kept together by a steady rhythm section and embellished by spacey synth effects. If you think much of contemporary punk has lost its edge, Nots will help you hold out hope for the future.

Nots will soon be out on the road in support of Cosmetic with a tour schedule set to take them all over North America, including a major stop at Chicago’s Riot Fest and a stop at Everybody Hits on October 12. Check out the rest of Nots’ catalog below before the show!

Wanna mark NOTS’ October 12th show at Everybody Hits on your calendar? Head over to the Facebook event page (here) to RSVP for updates and more!

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