Why Aren’t You Listening To: Vessna Scheff

Photo by Koofreh Umoren

“Why Aren’t You Listening to” is an irregularly-running series at Rock on Philly, spotlighting artists in Philly and beyond that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for! This installment focuses on expressive Philadelphia songwriter Vessna Scheff.

Why you should be listening: If you’re a fan of songwriters who delve into personal and emotional themes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t already be listening to the sweetly-warbling Vessna Scheff. This artistic, curly-haired Philadelphian uses her ukulele and her gentle voice as vessels for her poignant songs, the effect of which is like sinking slowly into an old hammock–endlessly inviting, but move too fast and the magic might break around you. The chanteuse is expanding both her reach and her repertoire–recent efforts have included the soulful trumpet of Koof Ibi, who partnered with Scheff on her recent touring through Switzerland–and will no doubt be one to watch, especially in coming months. The point is this–if you’re looking for new creative energies to celebrate, it would be hard to do better than Vessna Scheff.

Sounds like: Every best solo vacation, full of introspective thought and delicious food.

Listen to: “Coming Home”, a twinkly, lovely number perfect for transitioning into falls days curled up by the window.

Take a listen to “Coming Home”, below, and then check out Vessna Scheff’s website for info on all her upcoming dates in Philly and beyond:


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