Clear Plastic Masks and Ceramic Animal Play Milkboy Thursday Night

Featured image via Alysse Gafkjen

It’s no secret that the Rock On Philly staff are big fans of Doylestown psych-rockers Ceramic Animal and their wonderful debut album The Cart. They will be returning to Milkboy this Thursday, and needless to say the band will put on another one of the rousing sets that have caused their last few Milkboy shows to sell out.

However, co-headliners Clear Plastic Masks deserve equal attention from the Philly scene. The Nashville rock act, made up of Andrew Katz (vocals/guitars/keys), Eduardo DuQuesne (bass/keys), Matt Menold (guitars/keys), and Charles Garmendia (drums/percussion), are out on the road in support of their upcoming sophomore album Nazi Hologram, and hope to use their music to help make sense of what seems to be an increasingly negative world. With a sound that lies somewhere in between blues and punk, Clear Plastic Masks are a perfect complement to Ceramic Animal’s brand of sound. To get to know the band a bit better, we talked with Clear Plastic Masks’ frontman Andrew Katz to learn more about Clear Plastic Masks’ history. If you’re already excited for Thursday night’s show, grab your tickets in advance here before they’re gone!

Rock On Philly: You formed in Brooklyn but moved out to Nashville to work on your first album. Especially for rock bands like yourself it tends to be the other way around, what inspired the change of location?

Andrew Katz: We moved to Nashville because we made some great friends there, one of which was Andrija Tokic who runs the Bomb Shelter studio.  Our brand new second record, Nazi Hologram, was recorded there. I’m blown away by some of the sounds Andrija managed to grab.

ROP: Your bio claims you’ve toured all throughout the continental US in your five years as a band. What/where was the most interesting venue you’ve played at so far?

AK: Favorite place we’ve played was the Double R International Room in Texarkana.  There was a guy named Sergeant and guy named Michael Jackson and a lot of passion and I’m gonna leave it at that.

ROP: Have you played Philly before? What are your thoughts on the city?

AK: Yes we’ve been to Philly a phew times and we love it.  Can’t wait to walk up those stairs at Milkboy and get our full freak on with everyone.

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