James Blake Captivates Crowd with “The Colour in Anything”

Featured photography by Phobymo

On the heels of the release of his third LP, The Colour in Anything, and a collaboration with the queen herself, Beyonce, James Blake brought his pained yet hauntingly beautiful take on electronica to the Electric Factory Friday night.

As Blake took the stage, the previously pretty mellow audience unexpectedly erupted into waves of “Bieber” level screams. These fans have been loyal to Blake since his 2011 self-titled album, James Blake, and he gave a open and heartfelt performance to show his appreciation for those who have been with him since the beginning. To further please his long time fans, Blake made sure to play the song to catapulted him onto the scene, “Limit To You Love” as well as other classics “The Wilhelm Scream” and “Retrograde”.


Throughout the night, the crowd patiently waited as they witnessed Blake build song after song from scratch by layering his vocals and keyboard with the use of a loop pedal. And when a few groups got too chatty during the lulls, the audience worked together to collectively shush the noisy concert goers. However, the entire crowd fell silent as Blake, alone with just his voice and a keyboard, belted out a powerful rendition of “Forward”, a recent collaboration from Beyonce’s most recent album, Lemonade.

After leaving for a brief hiatus, Blake returned for an encore of “Measurements”. With his layered vocals still echoing, he left the stage for the final time that night and left his fans knowing what an immensely talented and captivating musician he is.

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