Phantogram Brings Drama to The Fillmore

Photo by Steve Garfinkel

Photo by Steve Garfinkel

As the crew prepared the stage of The Fillmore for the start of Phantogram‘s set on Monday night, a sheer, black fabric was pulled over the entire front of the stage. Behind the band setup, two large screens were set up. The lights went down in the house and suddenly, the show had begun. As “Funeral Pyre,” the first track off their latest album, was heard behind the stage, only silhouettes of the electro-duo Phantogram were visible behind the screens. Lighting against the sheer fabric created a visual drama to the already eerie song resonating through the venue.


“Black Out Days” from their 2014 album followed. The crowd immediately recognized the track from the few opening notes. They danced along to Sarah Barthel enthusiastically with their arms up in the air. Her stage presence was powerful and her edgy attire including thigh-high boots and glovelettes added to her confident appeal.


The sheer fabric came down for the remainder of the show and allowed the crowd to get a good look at the rocking duo. The lighting played a huge part of their set as it pulsated along with the music. Many of their new material was performed from Threesuch as “You’re Mine,” “Same Old Blues,” and “Destroyer.” During destroyer, Barthel sported a full length cloak with feather detail in a dramatic change of pace. Josh Carter didn’t let up his guitar playing as he sang. His interactions with the fans and Barthel were intimate despite the large venue and crowd.


Phantogram took time between tracks to thank the crowd graciously. They moved from side to side and kept the energy up all while performing their stamina-requiring set. Their regular set quickly came to an end as they moved from song to song relatively quickly and seamlessly.


The black fabric went up again for the final segment of the show. The four song encore including “Barking Dog,” “Cruel World,” “Fall In Love,” and their latest hit “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore.” Their highly electrified show left the crowd smiling all around, and a line quickly formed at the merch table where Phantogram had promised to do a meet and greet. If the mass amount of people waiting to meet them after the show wasn’t telling enough, you should go see Phantogram and their spectacle for yourself next time they’re in Philly.

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