Sunflower Bean Hitting Philly on Saturday Night


With Sunflower Bean hitting our fair city this weekend, Rock on Philly had the chance to catch up to the Brooklyn based psych rock trio to see how tour was going.

ROP: So, let’s start with the basics for those new to the band. Who is Sunflower Bean?

Sunflower Bean is Julia, Jacob, and Nick.

Tell us a bit about the tour so far and what else you’re really looking forward to.

We just got back from a 6 week tour of Asia, Europe, and the UK. It was our first time playing in Asia. Going there was so new and breathtaking it was unlike anything we had ever experienced before. It was an amazing experience to preform for people who live so far away from where we do, and have grown up in such a different culture. And to be able to connect with them through rock music was incredible. It was very surreal. Especially our shows in Shanghai and Tokyo, we seriously had to pinch ourselves.

We are really looking forward to playing Rickshaw Stop in San Fran on Halloween… should be a spooky night. Also, excited to be headlining The Roxy on 11/02 in LA. That is such an iconic venue so it’s gonna be a special show.

Have you played Philly before? Had a chance to visit any of the sites or have a cheesesteak?

We have played in Philly maybe 5 or 6 times. Our last show there was a really fun one because it sold out and a lot of our friends and family traveled from NYC to see the show.

Our manager’s family is from the area so she took us to her family’s favorite cheesesteak place, Pat’s.

Besides music, what do you do on your downtime and travel days between shows?

When we are not on tour we try to do all the other creative things that we like but can be hard to do while on the road. We like to write, paint, thrift, watch movies, meet people, and go on walks. On tour you fall into a routine and the only real outlet is the hour or so that you are on stage. When you get back you feel your creative energy bubbling for things that are less music orientated.

On travel days we mostly read a lot and listen to podcasts.

Great. So tell us about the show and where else the readers can check you out.

We are playing The Foundry at The Fillmore with Suburban Living and The Lemon Twigs on October 8th. You can check us out there or if you feel like traveling come to one of our many other North American dates.

Thanks! Any final words or thoughts?

Hope to see you jumping around at the show!!

Last time they were in town, they hit the XPN studios. Check out “Easier Said” from that session

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