Video of the Week: “Coming Home” by Johnny Popcorn

Featured image taken at 0:27 in “Coming Home”

Philly-based soul/rock/funk/everything-in-between act Johnny Popcorn has released a wild new video for their latest single, “Coming Home”. Chock full of quick cutaways, close up shots, and an incredible amount of good vibes, “Coming Home” bursts with energy and showcases an act that’s achieving their goals and isn’t afraid to celebrate their accomplishments.

The video opens on drummer Clayton Crothers, beaming as he hammers out the beat, while Hezekiah and Jani Coral declare “I’m still runnin’, I’m gonna do it/Lighters up, I’m coming home to you!” The opening track from the band’s brand new LP, Totem Pole, “Coming Home” is about returning home and knowing that there is always work to be done the next day. Johnny Popcorn, more than anything, exude a sense of positive affirmation that makes you want to get up and go, to chase the impossible even when the journey’s end is not so clear.

What did you think of “Coming Home”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to give a listen to Johnny Popcorn’s new album Totem Pole on Bandcamp or iTunes!

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