Colbie Caillat Brings Malibu to Keswick Theatre

Colbie Caillat returned to the Philadelphia area, this time to Keswick Theatre in Glenside. The small, charismatic town reminiscent of Stars Hollow was a perfect setting for the intimate performance of Colbie Caillat’s new album. The night opened with talented vocalist and guitarist Justin Kawika Young, who also happens to be Caillat’s fiance.



High Dive Heart followed. The duo is made up of husband Jason Reeves and wife Nelly Joy. They had their own fans sitting front and center as they performed their set. The bond between them musically and personally was obviously strong as they moved along their program. They donned capes during “Misfit” to promote anti-bullying, which was a hit with the audience as they all got on their feet.

This show was different than most shows, in that Caillat’s new album, The Malibu Sessions, was performed from start to end. All the musicians who previously took stage walked on stage to accompany her. Between each song, she or one of the other musicians on stage would explain what went on while writing the song or why that song came to be. This album was written years ago but was kept archived because her record label at the time wanted something else. A true artist knows when they’ve produced work that is to their standard and something they are proud of, and it is commendable that she put out the album despite critique.

She started with “Gypsy Heart,” which opens with the sound of ocean waves and vocals that resonate ethereally, and becomes upbeat for the chorus. “Goldmine” and “Like Tomorrow Never Comes” were also upbeat and warmed up the venue which was already glowing with cascading string lights. “In Love Again” was sad and beautiful, with accompaniment with Jason Reeves.


After the entire album was performed, it was time for her older crowd favorites. Her dogs came out on stage to join the band while they kept on going with their performance. She started with “Bubbly,” the one that got her a global audience. The other tracks included “Try,” “Lucky” which she sang with Justin Young, and many more from Breakthrough. She condensed many of the songs and skipped refrains here and there to fit in as many songs as she could into the rest of the program. The venue was a perfect setting for Colbie Caillat and the gang to really relax and do their own show their way. If you haven’t already, take a listen to Gypsy Heart and keep up with Justin Kawika Young, High Dive Heart, and Colbie Caillat to find out when they’re coming around next.



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