Honeyblood Heats Up at Ortlieb’s

Featured photo by Chad Kamenshine


On a chilly Tuesday night, the back room at Ortlieb’s filled up for Scottish rock duo Honeyblood. The show opened with Jay Som, a 4 piece band from California founded by front-woman Melina Duterte. Their set was short, sweet, and welcoming. Duterte’s vocals were calm and mature. As she finished her last song, she ended with a swift and cute “Bye” and a peace sign.


Honeyblood interacted with fans before their set started, as they were tuning and setting up. They kept it casual for their set, with many mentions of how much they love tacos and taco Tuesdays in the US, an impromptu pants change by drummer Cat Myers due unexpected warmth, and moments of conversation with the fans.


Guitarist and vocalist Claire Tweeddale’s vocals are strong and perfectly matched for their high energy songs. Instead of having a bassist as they were suggested once by a fan, they had a digital percussion with bass and a sassy personality named Sebastian.


Honeyblood’s latest album Babes Never Die was released on Friday October 28th. They previewed many tracks off their new album ahead of the release date. The title track is spunky and adept for the fierce duo. “Justine, Misery Queen” has a fun and catchy sound despite the sad tone of the lyrics. Attendees were treated to an anecdote of the making of their latest music video for “Sea Hearts,” which has an abstract, mermaid-meets-rock feel.

They performed some of their older favorites including “Choker” and “Killer Bangs.” Many of the audience members were repeat show attendants. Their fans were engaged to their entire performance and danced along with Honeyblood. If you love grunge with personality, Honeyblood is one to know and love. Go buy Babes Never Die available now in the US.

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