The Naked And Famous Parties With Philly

All photos by Samantha Sweeney



Just because it was Monday night didn’t mean Philly wasn’t down for a party. The Naked and Famous was coming to Union Transfer and the venue filled quickly with clothed and anonymous fans. The Chain Gang of 1974 opened the show and put on a performance fit for the excited crowd. Singer/DJ Kamtin Mohager emitted confidence and a mysterious aura. The synth sound was strong and danceable.


Sibling duo XYLO was up next with their band. Vocalist Paige Duddy strutted the stage and worked her smokey vocals and high pony tail while her brother Chase drummed out the beats. Towards the end of their set, they performed “Setting Fire” by The Chainsmokers, which they are featured on. XYLO’s pop sound was popular with the mostly young crowd.


The Naked and Famous appeared from out of the fog and energetically started with “The Water Beneath You.” Alisa Xayalith’s vocals exploded into the higher range after the delicate intro. The contrast was beautiful and her higher range pierced through the synth. The excitement after the first song continued into “Higher.” It is the first track off their latest album Simple Forms and it brings their full A-game, from the vocals to the beats.


Thom Powers on guitar and vocals shone literally and figuratively, with his soothing vocals and the vivid lighting capturing the emotions on stage. Their crowd favorite oldies like “Punching In A Dream,” “No Way,” and “Girls Like You” were welcomed with more dancing and singing along. The Naked and Famous ended on their ultimate banger “Young Blood” and the last track off Simple Forms, “Rotten.” Their show was nothing close to being rotten and their vibrant energy resonated throughout the night.

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