Young Thug Electrifies Electric Factory

On Sunday, November 13th, a few (3,000 to be exact) lucky people got to witness the force that is Young Thug at a sold out Electric Factory. Outside of the venue, people were scrambling to get tickets and on the inside people were pushing their way to the front just to get a glimpse of the rapper. The entire crowd chanted things like “Jeffery” (Young Thug’s first name) and “Thugger” (the name fans lovingly call him). His set consisted of crowd favorites, and three outfit changes. Everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down, even the security guards.

Young Thug is a ground breaking rapper, between his electrifying performances and his progressive views. He says he doesn’t believe in gender and that in his world “you can be a gangsta with a dress or you can be a gangsta with baggy pants.” Thugger is a fashion icon, and may very well be the hero we need to continue breaking barriers in music.

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