Sad13 Brings a Stacked Lineup to Everybody Hits

I tried not to make a baseball reference, I really did, but when the band headlining has a debut album called Slugger and the venue doubles as a batting cage the inner Dad in me comes out and I just have to, plus Sad13, Vagabon, Told Slant and Emily Reo really is a stacked lineup.

I was lucky enough to check out the show (and smart enough to get there early). Told Slant, which is the music of Felix Walworth, is usually a full band that features Walworth on vocals and drums, however this set they played solo making for a very intimate and emotional set, every time I’ve seen Told Slant it has been magical.

While on the topic of magic, Emily Reo played a truly incredible set including a Fleetwood Mac cover, she is not an artist to be slept on. Vagabon, played a short but sweet set, and I could’ve listened to her play for hours longer.

Sad13 (pronounced sad thirteen), played a fun set filled with powerful feminine energy, talks of demons, and important messages intertwined into pop songs, which is really, really bad ass. She played “Get A Yes”,  which focuses on consent, and “Hype” where she sang “We boost each other up/I just want to hype my best girls.” The set was one of the most fun I’ve seen in a while, Sad13 is an important and uplifting voice, and exactly what we need.

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